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This site ( and it's predecessor )has been up a running for more than six years now, it started as a result of conversations between myself and other local birdwatchers, notably Perry Sanders. We decided that a local website was a good idea and Perry decided that I should be the one to set it up.

The purpose of the site is to help birdwatchers in the area to find interesting species and enhance their outings, the main feature being the sightings page which is updated daily ( where possible ), sometimes several times a day if there is new information coming in. If you require further information on a sighting please e-mail me and if I have more information ( such as time or more precise location ) I will send it on. Due to limited website space I am unable to give as much location information as I would like to on-line.

For the sightings page to work I need as much information as possible from all birders in the area ( "the area" is all of Devon ), if you are not sure if a sighting is of interest please send it in and I will decide. The sort of sightings I would like are rarities, earliest and latest migrants, local specialities, unusual numbers etc. If you see something in the field that impresses you the chances are that others would be equally impressed. Sometimes sightings cannot be posted or will have only a vague location, this is to protect rare breeding species and is a legal requirement ( but please send in such sightings anyway ), this affects species such as Goshawks and Honey Buzzards. These are the only sightings that will be witheld ( unless requested by the observer ) I do not like the suppression of rarities believing that the vast majority of birdwatchers are responsible people who will always put the birds welfare first.

*** All of the information on this site is given in good faith, obviously no responsibility can be taken for any errors ***

I would like to thank all of the birdwatchers who have helped with the setting up and running of this site, if you have any suggestions or comments please contact me ( info. on home page )


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