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Black-necked Grebe
Black-necked Grebe - Slapton
Black-necked Grebe
Black-necked Grebe - Slapton
Yellow Shell
Yellow Shell
Privet Hawkmoth
Privet Hawkmoth
Azure Damselfly
Azure Damselfly - Exminster Marshes
Roe Deer
Roe Deer - Yarner Woods
Large Red Damselfly
Large Red Damselfly - Exminster Marshes
Garganey males
Garganey males - Exminster Marshes
Wood Warbler
Wood Warbler
Hobby - Exminster Marshes
Lesser Redpoll female
Lesser Redpoll female - Yarner Woods
Wood Warbler
Wood Warbler - Yarner Woods
Redstart female
Redstart female - Challacombe Farm
Redstart male
Redstart male - Challacombe Farm
Pied Flycatcher female
Pied Flycatcher female - Yarner Woods
Pied Flycatcher male
Pied Flycatcher male - Yarner Woods
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker - Yarner Woods
Dipper - East Dart River
Tree Pipit
Tree Pipit
American Golden Plover
American Golden Plover - Exminster Marshes
Woodchat Shrike
Woodchat Shrike - Wembury Point
Wood Warbler
Wood Warbler - Yarner Woods
Little Crake
Little Crake- Exminster Marshes
Adder - Slapton
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret - Woolston Farm
Purple Sandpiper
Purple Sandpiper - Ilfracombe
Convulvulous Hawkmoth catepillar
Convulvulous Hawkmoth catepillar - South Milton
Clancy's Rustic
Clancy's Rustic - Slapton
Rook - aberrant colour
Rook (aberrant colour) - Northam Burrows
Tufted Duck x Red-crested Pochard hybrid ?
Tufted Duck x Red-crested Pochard hybrid ? - Slapton
King Eider
King Eider - Northam Burrows
Spoonbill - Erme Estuary
Wood Lark
Wood Lark - Exminster
Yellow-browed Warbler
Yellow-browed Warbler - Central Park, Plymouth
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